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Merans; who live with serenity, love and peace seven floors underground of earth; healing and the benevolent community.
This secret and mysterious community; They signal us to be free to fall in love, to be embraced, by destroying the fear codes we have been taught. As you step towards your dreams; Let the magical energies of the Merans accompany you.


Both the queen, the mother and definitely the one and only… This collection that will make you look unique on the day of the ceremony; It consists of a combination of high quality lace with meticulous handwork. The different design technique we use, makes the models matchless.



“Every morning we are born again; What we do today is what matters most.” Buddha
Birth in the cycle of life; it contains very different, perhaps very similar emotions: fear, excitement, pain, happiness…
We felt all these in the creation process of our collection and approached each one with love.


Half of the world belongs to women! Or maybe more  : ) We are not talking about the Sirens’ fearful fallacies that are the subject of legends. Our collection inspired by their fascinating voices, their beauties that touch every heart, and their extraordinary lives together … Sirens


Not only the ceremony, but the whole ceremony day belongs to the brides. With this point of view; we have prepared the collection for those who do not compromise on elegance and comfort.


Amazons; special souls, free souls, Smyrna, Queen of Amazon The mysterious female warriors of the Hittites The ancient name of the city where I live…. Smyrna Greetings to the Amazon women who I lived in the same lands and watched the same sunset!