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Founded in 2016, Aslı Doğan Studio; is an Izmir-based studio that brings a dynamic and innovative perspective to the wedding dress industry with its unique and timeless designs. The design and production of high-quality and stylish dresses are carried out in our studio, so we create collections where the quality of the finish, close to that of haute couture.

Since its establishment; Our studio, which is one of the pioneers of the Turkish wedding dress industry, produces unlimited designs for brides all over the world with our retailers in Europe and America and the fairs it participates in.
Our studio, which combines stylish designs that prioritize the comfort of end users with first-class craftsmanship, continues to offer both local and universal alternatives for brides all over the world.




The chief designer of our studio is Aslı Doğan. After graduating from the fashion design department and working in the field of ready-to-wear and haute couture for a while, she founded her namesake brand at the age of 30.

Making the comfort of a dress the cornerstone of her designs, Aslı presents her designs that combine local forms of Anatolia and Mesopotamia with universal trends to brides from all over the world.

Aslı, who processes women’s stories in her collections; in its workshop, which consists of almost all women workforce; produces its collections as much as possible without harming humans, all kinds of living things and nature.
In the textile sector, which causes excessive waste and pollution; is trying to enable a recyclable and waste-free production.

Seeing the world as her home, Aslı continues to transform her brand into a global brand.